Our Mission: Vineyard to Glass

Victorieux Champagne, of Maine, imports a portfolio of Grower Champagne from family-operated vineyards in the Côte de Sézanne and L’Aube (Côte de Bars).  These areas represent the unbeaten-path of Champagne, France.  Our mission is to seek out Champagne vinted with emotion, unique family story, and refined terroir.  Because of modest advertising expenses and low over-head costs, we make the Champagne accessible and affordable for Mainers.  

The climate, subsoil, and relief of the hills in these regions are uniquely expressed through vintner traditions passed down through the generations and produce Champagnes of individualized terroir.  Beneath the hills of the French countryside, our Champagnes are quietly guarded in limestone cellars until harmonization.  With the pop of the cork and hush of the bubbles, these Champagnes invite you into their warmth.  They open a window to the romantically warm French sun blanketing the rolling vineyards and the aged vines.  These Champagnes are the crème of the countryside. 

Be Victorieux.  

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