Vineyard to Glass

From vineyard to glass, we illuminate the unbeaten paths of Champagne.  Our mission is to seek out Grower Champagne vinted with emotion, family charm, and refined terroir.  We curate a portfolio of terroir-rich Grower Champagne varieties, support independent growers in France, and make limited-production craft champagnes accessible for our fellow farmer-fizz lovers. 

Grower Champagne is characterized by wild terroir. The climate, subsoil, and relief of the hills and valleys of Champagne produce unique vines, which grow increasingly more complex grapes over decades (sometimes more than 100 years). Fossil-rich soils can add spicy notes in the wine, whereas clay-rich soils can produce a chalky minerality.  When finessed by family traditions passed down through the generations, expressively varied flavors can occur. We explore, then share what we love.

Beneath the hills of the French countryside, our Grower Champagnes are quietly guarded in limestone cellars until harmonization.  With the pop of the cork and hush of the bubbles, these Champagnes invite you in to party.  They open a window to the romantically warm French sun blanketing the rolling vineyards and aged vines.  Grower Champagnes are the crème of the countryside. Explore exciting new terroirs- bring a piece of the Champagne Trail home.

Victorieux Champagne - Portland, Maine

Victorieux Champagne - Portland, Maine