Victorieux Champagne Brut Tradition

Brut Tradition

Lively, energetic, dense bubbles.

First nose of cooked fruits, citrus fruits, zest of orange. In the aeration, biscuit, grilled almond, fruits in the syrup (peach) start on a lively and tense bubble. Then delicious, velvet. Harmonious yeast and acidity. The bubble sets off the volume in mouth lending to the generous sense of the wine. Sweetness, generosity.

50% Chardonnay/50% Pinot Noir

Acidity 4.1g/l; Dosage 8.8g/l; Residual Sugar 1.9g/l

Champagne Brut Millésime 2009

Our flagship Champagne, this 2009 Brut Millésime is produced from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varietals. Carefully guarded and aged since  2009, this vintage Brut is the personal favorite of the vintner. Select for celebrations. Pour les moments Victorieux: the nectar of victory.  Exceptional terroir and finesse define this characteristically refined Côte de Sézanne. 

A classic dry French Champagne. Medium bodied, yeastiness flavors just beginning, well balanced with acidity giving a nice lift, citrus flavors. Marzipan, toast, and almond tertiary notes to finish. Vibrant, formal, and fine bubble structure lends to refined mousse texture.

 Acidity 2g/l; Dosage 8.4g/l; Residual Sugar 3.9g/l 

50% Chardonnay/50% Pinot Noir

Convenient for aperitif, au cours du repas, and dessert.

Best Enjoyed at 50 °F

Limited to 416 bottles until the vintage is exhausted. 

Champagne Brut Rosé

 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varietals harmonized with Pinot Noir red from Côte  de Sézanne, Champagne, France. An excellent spring to fall selection, this luxurious Rosé offers truly unique terroir and vibrancy. 

Fairly deep orangy-pink. Focused fruity nose with red fruit overtones and a subtle syrup note. Fleshy, soft, fruity palate showing savoury freshness and aromatic precision. Almond tertiary notes.

Acidity 4g/l; Dosage 10g/l; Residual Sugar 2.5g/l

70% Chardonnay/30% Pinot Noir

Convenient for aperitif, red meat, and dessert.

Best Enjoyed at 45 °F 

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